Back in 2017 on a typical slippery and icy Montreal winter day, the news was again reporting a forecast of more freezing rain and warning of dangerous slippery sidewalk conditions being to blame for heightened emergency room visits from slips and falls that year.

Browsing the selection of available ice cleats in stores at the time, we couldn’t understand why, despite the overwhelming need for an anti-slip solution, that there were no good ice cleats available which fit right, stayed on and priced fairly. That’s when ICETRAX was born.


With the goal of helping to reduce nationwide injuries related to winter slips and falls, ICETRAX has emerged as a leader in an industry which was previously lacking innovation and a proper focus on the needs of everyday consumers who use the products.

Designed in Canada, ICETRAX products are custom designed and manufactured to meet the challenges we all face during the harsh North American winter. We know all about slipping and falling on icy surfaces, and we also know that there are far too many ineffective ice cleats on market which don’t work and fall off every ten steps. Simply put, our ice cleats fit better and grip better than the rest.

Whether you are out walking the dog, running errands, commuting to work, jogging or working outdoors, ICETRAX has you covered against winter slips and falls. Be safe this winter.